High Tea at The Ritz London


Having afternoon tea at The Ritz has been on my Life List ever since I accepted that it was the only way my modest footwear would meet their plush carpet. If you can’t afford a night at the fanciest hotel in London, then dressing up and faking your rank in society for two hours is the way to go. Plus, I just adore the way the British do afternoon tea – it’s an event. And I suspect my first word as a baby was “scone”, or at least it would have been if I was born in Mother England.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m not exactly ladylike. I wear pretty skirts and and even lipstick on the weekend (reow) to cover up the fact that I have the manners of a child. I am learning, slowly, thanks to my friends who tell me off for talking with my mouth full and remind me to wax my legs (TMI?).

Pair my disastrous self with my friend Cate who is 8 months pregnant and one of the most hilarious people I know, and you have yourself a party. You could say this was a highly anticipated day, since we booked it in May when she didn’t have a bun in the oven. As expected, we laughed our heads off the whole way through and definitely had more fun than anyone else there. Quote of the day was definitely…

“I’m just not cut out for this posh shit. Tehehe, I just said shit at the Ritz!”
“At least you didn’t say #^*@”

Though anyone in their right mind would find the idea of paying £42 for SANDWICHES preposterous, myself included, it was worth it. The tea, sandwiches, scones, dessert AND cake was the best I’ve ever had. We ate until Cate’s babeh punched her from the inside and screamed “please, stop woman!” Plus, you’re paying for the experience, right? To be treated like you’re royalty even though they know you aren’t (they can just tell, I think).

And in case anyone was doubting that I’m easy to please; my favourite sandwich was the egg and mayo. Keepin’ it real. Holla if you want to take me on a cheap date.

I took a ton of pictures because I was unashamedly gobsmacked by the splendour.






IMG_5732 IMG_5733



The last one is of me in the bathrooms, because honestly, it would have been rude not to. LUSH I TELL YOU.


Olympics in London Town

OH HI EVERYBODY! Above is me saying hi to all my internet friends… Call me a poser, bored or just plain silly. It’s all true. I never thought much of PhotoBooth until last night (possibly when I was procrastinating) and now it’s the best thing ever!

So, um, sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for two weeks. It wasn’t planned, but turns out that’s what happens when old friends and THE OLYMPICS come to town!

Oh man, it was so much fun. I wasn’t at work for the 2-week duration of the London Olympics (don’t ask why, just be very envious). So I got to make the most of my old buddies Scott and Macka staying at my place, and experience Olympic fever to the max. There are an awesome bunch of my school friends either living in London or visiting this Summer, so it’s pretty much “reunion time” ALL THE TIME.

I went to a couple of Olympic events and spent the rest of the time in front of the telly or a big screen watching the action. There were screens, pop up gigs and events all over the city, so it was hard to miss out. London did great at hosting such a massive event, I gotta say. The general vibe was amazing and I loved every moment of the festivities. There was a lot of laughing, cheering and crying… Who knew watching athletes succeed and fail was so emotional? Not me.

Here’s a few pictures of exactly what I’ve been up to, and I will resume normal posting next week.

My Rockin’ & Royal Month of June

What can I say, June was a goodie! There were fun times all round, here’s a few snaps  to illustrate (apologies if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen them):

Victor and Libby got married on the Sunday of the Jubilee weekend! It was a beautiful wedding.

Monday was the Offley Road Jubilee Street Party. I hung out with Will, drank Pimms and played hopscotch.

The swing dancing was fantastic, I loved it so much that I’m planning to
take classes in July.

The dance party went OFF and lasted into the night! Such a stellar event.

Next on the long Jubilee weekend that lasted forever (4 days), on Tuesday my housemates and I got stuck in to the garden and cleared it out. In the rain. Because we’re committed and awesome. It was so fun. Thanks to Bex and Rickie who helped us!

Benny knows how to throw a good party! There was a photo booth, red velvet cake and a BBQ. Plus I got to catch up with old friends! It was something special.

On my way to Jerusha & Tim’s engagement party in the City, I snapped Mr. Gherkin against the dubious skies.

The view from the Hilton Doubletree was amazing – I love Tower Bridge. It’s so pretty.

Michelle from Beyond Rubies and I went exploring around Shoreditch one Saturday morning. I need to do this more, there’s so many gems hidden in the back streets of London. Might start making it a regular thing.

And of course, ultimate highlight of the month, Hackney Weekend. These tickets weren’t easy to get as they were free (put on by BBC Radio 1), so thank you Jojo for getting me one when I couldn’t! Jessie J, Florence and the Machine, and Rihanna were my favourites out of the massive line-up. We were really close to the front and though the 7 hours on my feet at main stage killed me, it was worth it!

That’s it folks! I love this city and the people I get to enjoy it with.

I’m off on holiday on Friday to create some more awesome memories, but I have some delightful guest posts coming up for you in the next couple of weeks. I might pop in too, because I bet the inspiration will be flowing while I’m sunning myself and pondering the meaning of life….

What have you been up to then, huh? I hope June was awesome for you too. Leave a comment.

My Happiness Remedies

I am pretty good at wallowing in my own pity, WOE IS ME style. It’s in my top 5 list of talents. After doing it consistently for months on end, I can conclude that it isn’t working. I know, what a shock Micaela, you genius! So in the past week I’ve made a little ‘go to’ list of things that distract me and pick-me-up when I’ve got the blues. It’s short but oh-so-sweet, and punches my self-pity in the face!

1. Running. As you may know, I’ve taken up running again in an effort to bring some discipline (and a hot body) into my life. I had a ‘sad day’ last week and after my run, nothing had changed except for the endorphins running through my body. But thankfully, they changed everything. Endorphins are my friend.

2. Skyping home. For you, this may be just calling a friend or meeting up with someone. But sometimes there are those special people who know what to say. They know you and love you. I always feel loved and appreciated (and so thankful) after skyping my friends and family in New Zealand. So if I’m feeling lonely, I’ll text and find someone who’s free and wants to chat. I haven’t been so great with this in the past.

3. Watching Modern Family online. Seriously, instant laughs. May not be your jam, but any light hearted sitcom that has major LOL factor will do. Takes your mind off your life for 30 minutes and who doesn’t love laughing?!

So there’s my little list. For you this could be very different. But I encourage you to also have a couple of things like this in your life, especially if you’re going through a particularly difficult time.

We can’t always change everything we aren’t happy about, but we can change how we deal with it. Say no to moping.

Chin up buttercup, because this too shall pass. One day.

What would be on YOUR list? Do you have any suggestions for mine? Leave a comment.

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