Olympics in London Town

OH HI EVERYBODY! Above is me saying hi to all my internet friends… Call me a poser, bored or just plain silly. It’s all true. I never thought much of PhotoBooth until last night (possibly when I was procrastinating) and now it’s the best thing ever!

So, um, sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for two weeks. It wasn’t planned, but turns out that’s what happens when old friends and THE OLYMPICS come to town!

Oh man, it was so much fun. I wasn’t at work for the 2-week duration of the London Olympics (don’t ask why, just be very envious). So I got to make the most of my old buddies Scott and Macka staying at my place, and experience Olympic fever to the max. There are an awesome bunch of my school friends either living in London or visiting this Summer, so it’s pretty much “reunion time” ALL THE TIME.

I went to a couple of Olympic events and spent the rest of the time in front of the telly or a big screen watching the action. There were screens, pop up gigs and events all over the city, so it was hard to miss out. London did great at hosting such a massive event, I gotta say. The general vibe was amazing and I loved every moment of the festivities. There was a lot of laughing, cheering and crying… Who knew watching athletes succeed and fail was so emotional? Not me.

Here’s a few pictures of exactly what I’ve been up to, and I will resume normal posting next week.