When Emotions Lie

Emotions are what make us human; they let us know we are alive, they warn us of danger and allow us to feel and express joy. They are incredibly important. The same way that physical pain indicates that something is not right with our bodies, emotions signal what is going on in our lives. They allow us to empathise and connect with people.

Emotions do something your brain cannot; they speak the language of the heart. But it’s also true that the ‘the heart is deceitful above all things’ (Jeremiah 17:9). Which means that emotions in and of themselves are not wrong because we were created to feel, but they aren’t always right either. So, where the heck does that leave us?

I’m pretty familiar with the subject of feelings – I’m the emotional junkie that wrote this post! I feel a lot and I feel intensely, and that’s how I’ve learnt that sometimes emotions lie. When I was in a relationship this was most evident. I would get upset often about both big and little things, and before I knew it, I was spending most of my life in a bad mood. I was letting the way I felt control me and my relationship, and it’s no way to live.

One day I had a revelation that just because I felt something, it didn’t mean my reasons for being upset were legitimate or valid. Obvious as it may be, this was news to me. I thought that because I was upset, the person involved was in the wrong. It was automatic in my mind: it’s them, not me. I have been wronged, I would think. The truth (a lot of the time) was that I had a certain belief or selfish desire, and because that wasn’t fulfilled, I was frustrated/angry/hurt.

Sometimes it’s you in the wrong, plenty of times it isn’t. Often we are wronged against and our emotions are what so significantly signal that. Our core beliefs lead us to an emotional response in each situation, but often those exact core beliefs are subconsciously selfish or unfair. If we don’t want to be ruled by our emotions, it’s necessary to evaluate ourselves and our emotions on a regular basis.

Talking it out to someone or constantly asking questions of ourselves are good ways to do this. Good questions to ask:

Am I being unreasonable? Why do I feel this way? Is this feeling valid or am I exaggerating? What is wrong with this situation?

It’s like having an argument with a person, except this argument is with yourself. Because you can change yourself and no one else, so you may as well get started. There is no step-by-step guide to assessing this and you just need to pray for wisdom and guidance with each situation. Humility helps, a lot!

Emotions aren’t wrong; it’s what we do with them that can become wrong. Ignoring, harboring or releasing them destructively will harm yourself more than anyone else.

Anger can become bitterness and unforgiveness.

Sadness can become depression.

Annoyance can become constant irritation and unhappiness.

But they don’t have to. Open your heart and your mind. Refuse to let emotions rule you and ask yourself ‘why do I feel like this, and is it justified?’ Sometimes in the height of an argument or situation, we can’t see the woods from the trees, but take a moment to step back and be sure that your emotions aren’t lying to you.

What do you think about emotions? Do you agree that they don’t always tell the truth of a situation? Share in the comments.

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A Love Letter [The Invitation]

(I would like to clarify that I didn’t write this for you, I wrote it for me in a special time. Then I remembered that I made a vow to myself and to this blog that I would write on here with relentless honesty, in the hope that it would break down walls, encourage and inspire. This is my letter, yours won’t look like this. God has written you a love letter too, it’s within you somewhere. He loves you, He sees you.)
Dear Micaela,I created you to be beautiful and that you are. You have made me proud since the day you were born, and though sometimes you felt unnoticed, I always noticed you. You are pure of heart, kind, funny and honest. You are mine and I truly delight in you. I am your Daddy, and though you struggle with that word now (yes, I’ve seen you laugh/cringe when others have called me that), there is a time coming when it will flow naturally from your heart and mouth. I’m patient for that day.Micaela, my heart aches for you to understand how much I love you. You truly are the most precious and priceless diamond to me. I created you to shine, and though life has thrown dirt at you and you have tarnished yourself, my purpose for you is ever the same. Does a diamond lose it’s value if it’s soiled in mud? You are still worth the whole world to me, despite the dirt, which I am continuing to remove every single day, as you heal. Shine, my beauty!Let me in to the innermost parts of your heart, because I will never force my way in uninvited. Everyday, seek me and welcome me so that my Holy Spirit can fill your cup to overflowing and show you how valuable you are. No human will ever be able to show you that the way I can, I assure you. I am your source.

You’ve grown up to be a strong and independent woman, but don’t go your own way. Stay close to me, lean hard on me, trust my faithfulness. Let me be your fierce protector and defender, because you’re my daughter and thats what Daddy’s do. I know you’re not used to it, and letting a man love you is a struggle because it’s foreign. And you’re scared, I know. It will take a while but all you need to do is keep whispering yes, because we’re in this together. I will restore the fatherless years; the years that the locusts have stolen.

Precious girl, you make my heart smile. You are a blessing to those around you; you carry light and joy everywhere you go.

I love you,

Father God (your Daddy) xxx
What does God want to say to you?