Tube Romance | 3 Things

[Disclaimer: Before you begin, picture the weirdest person you know in your head right now. And remember that person in about 30 seconds when you’re thinking ‘this girl craaaazzzy’. Thanks, continue.]

Settle in because it’s story time on the blog today. I am basically selling my soul by sharing this, as it’s like an open door into my mind (a.k.a Pandora’s Box).

One day I was on the tube, en route to visit my friend Hayley. She’d had an accident that day and wasn’t in a good way. There I am in my ‘tube world’ when this incredibly beautiful man sits down next to me. You know, the kind of handsome where you could tell he had an awesome personality too? (Such shallow and wishful thinking, tut tut Micaela)

For the guys reading this, I’m about to freak you out. Ladies, you’ll just chuckle because YOU KNOW. Within minutes I had created the most romantic and unrealistic scenario in my wild imagination:

I get off at my stop to come to my friend’s rescue, and obviously he runs after me because obviously that kind of thing happens every day. I’m in a rush, and obviously he wants my number. Then, obviously I play it cool/harsh/weird and say this:

“How about you give me your number, and tell me the 3 most important things I need to know about you if I’m going to call you.”

Now I considered recreating this as a wee short story and denying all involvement, but by now you should know that just ain’t my style. This really did provoke me to think – if it was the other way around and it was me that had to sum myself up in 3 points, what would I say?

All jokes (and hot men) aside, what do I want people to know most? Is it really who I am or who I want to be? Would my actions back those words up? After a bit of self-reflection and a lot of honesty, this would have been my answer…

“First, I just can’t help but love Jesus but that doesn’t make me perfect. Next, I’m intense in both good and bad ways. Finally, even though I want to choose the salad, I’ll always choose the burger!”

Back to the non-existent love story. It ended there, obviously. I didn’t bother scripting his answer because I was too busy with my own! (Standard behaviour – I’m selfish and have a short attention span). Now, in reality this situation would only happen in a ridiculously stupid (okay, awesome) film. But like I said, it started as a cute ‘boy meets girl’ idea in my head, then really got me thinking.

Please leave a comment and let me know; how would you sum yourself up? Never mind to a prospective BABE, but to anyone? I don’t think it would be the usual small talk info we find out from people normally. Like, our job and where we live. Or for you maybe it is, enlighten me!